People sometimes get lost in the game's mechanics and misunderstand what's going on in the adventures: read this page to avoid such confusion.

Why are the characters speaking German/French/Finnish?Edit

In Adventure Game, each race/great faction has its own language, translated into a real language. Following this logic, Humans' common language is German, and Demonic, the tongue understood by all living beings, but spoken by few, is English.

How do you choose the post that decides what happens next?Edit

The post which last digit is the highest that was posted in a minute after the first reply to Opee's post is the action that the Hero will (try his best to) execute.

Note: "in a minute" means all posts posted at the same minute as the first reply to Opee's post and the next one. Ex: if the first reply posts at 14:32, all posts from 14:32 to 14:33:59:99 are taken into account.

Opee didn't do what I asked to!Edit

This might happen, although rarely. The main reasons are:

  • overly shitty, or openly trolling request. Even then, the action usually has something to do with what you asked for.
  • not a request. You got the lucky number but forgot to use it. Too bad!
  • Impossible request. The character will still try to create your blaster cannon with his sword and shield, though.
  • Omniscient request. You cannot control anyone or anything but the hero (unless precised otherwise).
  • Too late. You got the highest number but not in time.

I want to be a bear named sir Plumpington in space and also a cowboy! Why not?Edit

Adventure Game has a lore evolving with each adventure, and that's part of the fun. However, it also means you cannot roll a character that would be impossible to fit in the setting, like a private eye, or a space cowboy.

Moreover, when you suggest a character to play, remember that they are empty husks only animated by /v/, and their description and goal should be short and concise. Also, Opee gets the last word on who we will play in the end, usually mixing the requests together.