Amanzon is the first long-spanned adventurer, and what birthed the idea of continuous lore through the games. 

The Ice Ranger is an amazon man escaping amazon society to become a real man.

The EscapeEdit

Like all young men of age, the Ice Ranger had the opportunity to become a real amazon through the House of Trials. He participated, but he had no intent to go through the trials, and instead killed the village's shaman and fled.


Arrived at an Ice People village, the Ice Ranger was seduced into following a horned girl into her hut. He understood quite fast that something with her attitude was fishy, and beat her. She revealed that she was a virgin succubus and that it was her trial of adulthood, but that she had little will to do it.

An Ice People fisherman later barged in and tried to kill Horned with his harpoon, but the Ice Ranger killed him before that.

Running through the NorthEdit

Fleeing both the amazons and Horned's family, the two adventurers came across a village of giants that liked the Ice Ranger's buffoonery, some fauna,  an old friend of the Ice Ranger's that was quite troublesome. They then embarked in an imp ship going south.

Magnus & MinusEdit

After a rather chaotic encounter with human knights, the group ran away again, this time with nowhere to go. They eventually ended in a thick forest, where they got caught in the middle of a clash of two divine entities, Minus, claiming to be the god of action, and Magnus, claiming to be the god of all that is precious; but both describe the other as a god of death.

they were fighting over the two last living gnomes' future: Minus wanted to have them repopulate their race, and Magnus wanted the male to live forever.

The adventurers fought for Minus, who won. In the end, he offered them his protection, and sent them somewhere safe, far south.