Lilith, A.K.A. Horned, the succubus.

Lilith is the succubus companion and lover of the Ice Ranger.


Lilith is afraid of her succubus origins, and refuses to turn into a slut. She somehow seems to enjoy seeing people suffer, and encouraged  Amanzon on the ruthless paths more than once. She's still very nice, as succubi go, and cares a lot for people close to her.


The Amanzon met her when she was in the middle of her trial of adulthood. With his help, they managed to escape, and lived many adventures on their run, with her saving  Amanzon's life many times, as he was very carefree. Even though they had some quarrels on the way, they got together and live a cozy life, far from their old world.


Little is known about Lilith's powers, but we know that she does not have most of the succubi's seduction related charms. She is a decent fighter, and can talks through telepathy.