People sometimes get lost in the game's mechanics and misunderstand what's going on in the adventures: read this page to avoid such confusion.

Why is it called "Pseudo" Choose Your Own Adventure"?Edit

The Yozhman's adventure thread includes more than just picking an option and advancing through the story. There's also more things like Crafting and something like that to make the game itself more interesting. But there are still some options to pick.

How do you choose the post that decides what happens next?Edit

We're using majority votes on the threads. There's a quota of voting that the Yozhman decides everytime there's a vote. (usually it's the first 5 posts or 10 posts that will decide the voting)


  • A.A.A.A.A (we will pick A)
  • A.A.A.B.B (We will pick A)
  • A.A.B.B.B (We Will pick B)

Only Exception in some important events like Picking a Character or Picking a name. We'll use GETs to decide those things

Why is the game using Random Number Generator?Edit

To make things more interesting of course! the RNG will definitely make the game more random and crazy. Dice Rolling will be used in most of the actions in the game (Looting, making something, talking, fighting etc.) We mostly use d100 to decide things.

here are the specific number that will determine each actions:

(quoted from an anon's recommended suggestion)

  • 0-5: extremely bad event, affects the rest of the game negatively or even might kill you (example: lose an arm)
  • 5-33: bad event - stuff does not go as planned (example: MISS!)
  • 33 - 66: normal event - stuff goes as planned, no bonuses
  • 66 - 95: good event: a small bonus to what was planned to happen (example: you also found some w33d behind the loot)
  • 95-100+: a big bonus that affects the rest of the game (example: your mecha is now solar-powered!)

and as always, sacrifice the virgins to please the RNG god.

There are things and terminology that i don't understand!Edit

That happens when someone new join the thread. You are very recommended to read the previous thread so that you are able to understand what's clearly going on. Rarguy and ArchiveBro will always post at the thread to recap every thread and archive the new threads. Also don't hesitate to ask the people in the thread if you don't understand something (do not ask whats's going on the thread, they will only re-direct you to Rarguy/Archivebro's recap post or they will not give a single fuck)

Why are we never get a GAME OVER? No gameovers means casual!Edit

If you read  all of the thread, there were gameovers and deaths but the story keeps on going. This way we're able to avoid Anti-climatic'ish ending and achieve more and more Variable endings (e.g dying once will have different ending than dying twice). And there's no Bad ending, It's all up to you and your way of view of the endings (it could be bad or good)